Shoe Trees

Shoe Trees by FootFitter

If you love your shoes and boots as much as we do, then you'll want to grab a couple of shoe trees. These simple yet effective shoe accessories maintain the shape of your shoes and boots to prevent wrinkles from setting in and to promote the longevity of your favorite pair of shoes or boots. In the case of cedar shoe trees, they can even function as a deodorizer that also wicks away moisture from the inner materials of your footwear to prevent premature degradation.

Here at FootFitter, we offer a myriad of cedar shoe trees and plastic shoe trees for both men and women. From our European-style split toe cedar shoe trees to our durable, travel friendly plastic shoe trees, we make sure that we have every style that you'll ever want and need for your beloved shoes and boots.

Can't tell the difference between the various cedar shoe trees? Looking for the best shoe tree for your sneakers? We're always happy to help! Feel free to contact us at or at 1-800-871-4624 with your questions and concerns about any of our shoe and boot trees.