Shoe Shine Kits & Valets

Shoe Shine Kits & Valets

Complete shoe care suites for stunning shines

Leather Shoe Care Kits and Valets by FootFitter

A complete leather shoe care kit is an essential tool for every professional. Shoe shine supplies like a shoe brush, cloth, and polish are always handy when you need to look your best for work, a night out, and special occasions. Whether you're using calfskin leather shoes or rough boots, our leather shoe care kits give you the tools you need to have them look their best.

Our shoe care experts have assembled myriad shoe care bundles that cover the basics of shoe cleaning and polishing to our comprehensive sets that even cover suede and nubuck shoe care. What's more, we offer premium shoe care valets that doubly function as storage for your shoe shine supplies and a surface for home polishing.

Not sure which leather shoe care kit is right for you? Overwhelmed by the various shoe care bundles and need some tips? Feel free to contact us at or at 800-871-4624 with your questions and concerns about any of our leather shoe care products.