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FootFitter Shoe Cleaning Brush with Coco Bristles

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Quick Overview:

  • A heavy-duty shoe cleaning brush with stiff coco bristles

  • Removes stubborn and caked-on mud and debris from shoe soles

  • Tapered tip for hard-to-reach areas

  • Available in Black and Grey-Brown

  • Dimensions: 7.3 in x 1.9 in | Made in Germany

  • Details

    Removing stubborn, caked-on dirt or mud from the soles of your favorite pair of shoes is an easy task with the FootFitter Shoe Cleaning Brush with Coco Bristles. This heavy-duty shoe cleaning brush is outfitted with natural coco bristles due to their stiff backbone and unmatched scraping abilities. Due to the stiffness of these bristles, it is best to use this with shoes or boots that have rugged upper material as more delicate leathers may get scratched. Each tuft of coco bristles is sewn into a durable German beech wood handle for long-lasting durability. A pointed tip on one side of the brush allows you to get deep into those difficult-to-reach areas.

    The FootFitter Shoe Cleaning Brush with Coco Bristles can be abrasive to more delicate leather materials so be sure to test an inconspicuous area of your shoe before a full cleaning and a thorough polishing.
    (1) FootFitter Shoe Cleaning Brush with Coco Bristles (color of choice)
    - Removing stubborn dirt or mud from soles of shoes
    - Cleaning hard-to-reach perforations
    - Best used on rugged materials and rubber
    Coco bristles, beech wood
    Expert Tips from FootFitter:
    Use only on shoes or boots with rugged materials. The stiff bristles will scratch more delicate leathers.

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