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FootFitter Premium Shoe Cream Polish, 1.5 oz.

SKU: 105-003
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Quick Overview:

  • Restores shoe color and delivers a head-turning shine

  • Higher pigment concentration breathes new life into older shoes

  • Creates a protective, waterproof coating for enhanced longevity

  • Available in four colors to match any pair of leather shoes: black, brown, neutral, and white

  • Volume: 1.5 oz (42.5 g) | Proudly made in the USA

  • Details

    Breathe new life into your favorite pair of leather shoes with the FootFitter Premium Shoe Cream Polish. Thanks to its creamy consistency, this shoe cream polish is easy to apply and reaches deep into the seams and wrinkles of leather shoes. With such a thorough and even application, you can be sure that the resulting shine is smooth yet vibrant.

    What's more, this shoe cream polish creates an oleophobic layer on the surface of your leather shoes, which repels water and enhances the longevity of your favorite pair of shoes. FootFitter Premium Shoe Cream Polish is available in four colors to match up with all shades of leather and is packaged in a wide-mouth glass jar to accommodate your favorite polish applicator brush or cloth.

    Proudly made in the USA
    - Restoring the color and vibrance of leather shoes
    - Covering scuffs and scratches
    - Minor conditioning and waterproofing
    Stoddard Solvent, Paraffin Wax, Ester of Mixed Montan Acids, Vegetable Wax, Deionized Water
    Expert Tips from FootFitter:
    Apply with a polish applicator brush with small circular motions. Let it absorb for 5 minutes before buffing vigorously with a shine cloth. Use the FootFitter Professional Microfiber Shoe Shine Cloth for a spectacular shine.

    Additional Information

    Contains FF SKUs Black: 105-003-01
    Brown: 105-003-02
    Neutral: 105-003-03
    White: 105-003-04
    Manufacturer FootFitter