Medium Shoe Horns (12 - 24")

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Medium Shoe Horns

Exquisite shoe horns in a comfortable length

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For those with back pain and flexibility issues, a medium shoe horn is an essential tool to use when getting yourself ready for the day. These premium shoe horns range from 12" to 24" and are suitable for shoes, heels, and boots. The ample length of these shoe horns allow you to slip on your shoes without having to bend over and hurt your back.

Medium shoe horns are also a great way to add a couple of years to your shoes. Since your feet slide smoothly into your shoes, the heel counter of your shoes is protected from getting crushed which prevents premature degradation.

Want to know what the best medium shoe horn is for you? Feel free to contact us at or at 1-800-871-4624 with your questions and concerns about our medium shoe horns.