Long Shoe Horns (Over 24")

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Long Shoe Horns

Lengthy shoe horns for the ultimate convenience and comfort

Long Shoe Horns by FootFitter

An extra long handled shoe horn is the ultimate tool in comfort and convenience. Measuring in over 24", long shoe horns save you from having to bend over to put on your shoes—letting you slip on your shoes while standing. What's more, the shoe horn also prevents premature damage to your shoe's heel counter by allowing your feet to smoothly slide into the shoe.

Whether you're looking for a long metal shoe horn or an extra long handled shoe horn with an eagle ornament, our catalog features myriad styles and materials to suit your needs. You can expect only the most premium constructions out of our long shoe horns for long term use and reliability.

Not sure which extra long handled shoe horn is right for you? Feel free to contact us at info@footfitter.com or at 1-800-871-4624 with your questions and concerns about our long shoe horns.