How to Protect Your Dress Shoes During Rainy Season

It’s now October, which means fall has officially replaced summer and we can finally get a break from the hot weather. You’re probably thinking, the chance to cozy up with a blanket and some hot chocolate for a horror movie marathon sounds great.

We agree, you deserve to enjoy the chilly season cuddled up for awhile. Alas, sadly, fun time can’t last forever. That also means you’re still going to have to trudge to work even when “the weather outside is frightful.”

Inevitably, with the fall season comes rain. So naturally, it’s about that time to break out your umbrella and that good ol’ waterproof spray for shoes. Here at FootFitter, we compiled a full list of tips for protecting your dress shoes from sloshing as you walk into the office.


FootFitter shares waterproof spray for shoes
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The first suggestion may seem like common sense but don’t forget to watch where you step!

During rainy season, your normal shortcut across the grass may have quicksand-like mud lurking underneath.

Stick to the sidewalks and step around puddles to help keep your shoes safe.

FootFitter shares waterproof spray for shoes
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Unfortunately, puddles and mud aren’t the only danger.

Make sure to also throw a spare umbrella in your car or office for those days when a light morning mist turns into a full out shower.

That way, you’re also protecting your shoes from getting pelted from above. Planning ahead can make all the difference!


FootFitter shares waterproof spray for shoes
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Another way you can plan ahead for rainy season is investing in dress shoes that have rubber soles.

Unlike leather which can crack with too much moisture, water easily slides off rubber without leaving behind damage.

FootFitter shares waterproof spray for shoes
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Rubber soles are also more slip-resistant. When you’re walking through wet areas, you’re generally safer with rubber.

These also work well for days when it rained the night before.

There may be a lot of puddles and accumulated water on the ground, but your leather is protected by its rubber shield.

Simply sliding your feet across a mat will shake off any excess water so you won’t be squeaking around the office.


FootFitter shares waterproof spray for shoes

Sometimes buying a new pair of shoes, like the rubber sole pairs above, just isn’t an option.

You need a cheaper solution now. Luckily, there’s such thing as a waterproof spray for shoes.

Perfect for leather, synthetic leather, fabrics and meshes, X Sneaker Water and Stain Repellant uses natural ingredients to protect your shoes from the elements.

FootFitter shares waterproof spray for shoes


FootFitter shares waterproof spray for shoes

Shining your shoes doesn’t just give them that mirror-like finish. Moreover, it also gives your shoes a layer of protection against harsh weather.

Polishing leather shoes is easy with a little polish and a cloth.

To make things even simpler, adding an electric shoe shining machine to your collection will get the job done in a matter of seconds.

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FootFitter shares waterproof spray for shoes

Cedar shoe trees are useful when it comes to restoring your shoes after they’ve spent the day out and about in the rain.

The cedar material works well at absorbing any leftover moisture. In addition, it provides a pleasant smell.

So, even if your wet socks have been ruminating in your leather a little too long, cedar can usually reverse the smelly effects and bring your shoes back to normal.

FootFitter shares waterproof spray for shoes

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