Cedar Wood: It Does Way More Than Just Making Your Shoes Smell Good

Cedar wood is often recognized for its pleasant aroma. However, a nice smell isn’t the only benefit it offers. It’s properties are multi-faceted and cater to many different industries. In fact, it’s used in many types of furniture, roofings and even skin care products.

When it comes to your dress shoes, using cedar wood can actually extend the life of your pricey pairs, protecting your footwear investments.

Here at FootFitter, our shoe trees, boot shapers and valet boxes take advantage of cedar wood benefits. Continue reading to learn more about what those benefits are.

First off, it’s important to understand why cedar wood smells good.

FootFitter shares cedar wood benefits
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Surprisingly, the smell itself actually isn’t the major payoff with cedar wood. Moreover, the reason the wood smells good is because it contains the compound thujaplicin.

Cedar wood has antioxidant, antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties.

To explain further, thujaplicin has antioxidant, antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties. These characteristics are what makes cedar wood perfect for shoe-care products.

Cedar wood absorbs moisture in your shoes.

FootFitter shares cedar wood benefits

Think about it, your sweaty feet confined in your warm shoes all day are the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. In reality, when your shoes smell bad, you’re likely smelling the germs lurking in them.

This is where that thujaplicin steps in to make harmful bacteria back-off.

However, the helpful compound isn’t cedar wood’s only line of defense. The wood also prevents problems from starting.

In fact, cedar wood is also great at absorbing moisture. Not only does this make your shoes more comfortable to wear the next time you slide them on, it also diminishes the damp environment bacteria prefers.

It also has a pleasant texture.

Another great thing about purchasing products using this material is its texture. The wood is smooth but sturdy, making it ideally gentle on your shoes and still great for storage.

FootFitter shares cedar wood benefits

Here are some of the shoe products that use cedar wood.

Many FootFitter products use the highly effective material to keep shoes and products in their best condition.

Shoe Trees

FootFitter shares benefits of cedar wood

Shoe trees maintain the shape of your shoes while effectively deodorizing them before you wear them again.

Specific FootFitter shoe trees are tailored to fit different styles of shoes including dress shoes, heels and cowboy or other high boots.

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Boot Shapers

FootFitter shares cedar wood benefits

Boot shapers help to keep your boots wrinkle-free.

Since these typically aren’t the most worn pair in your closet, proper boot care can even make them last years, which is definitely a lengthy feat for old shoes.

A brass bar in the middle of the shaper allows for easy removal.

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Valet Boxes

FootFitter shares cedar wood benefits

Valet boxes are great to store your shoe-care gear. Cedar wood isn’t just useful when it comes to foul odors and too much moisture.

It’s also sturdy and aesthetically pleasing, making it the perfect material for the storage unit housing your products and brushes.

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Now that you understand the benefits of cedar wood, choosing to add it to your collection will be an easy choice.

FootFitter shares cedar wood benefits

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