How To Use Instructions: FootFitter Professional 2-Way Shoe Stretcher

Directions for use: Using the FootFitter Professional 2-Way Shoe Stretcher, your shoe can be stretched out at all pressure points. In addition, your shoe’s length can be stretched to a certain extent. Due to its straight design, the stretcher can be used on a left or right shoe. Stretch the length, width, or both at the same time.

Instructions: FootFitter Premium Professional Shoe Stretcher 2-Way Deluxe

    A. Toe section with holes
    B. Back wooden section (back piece)
    C. Large black structured wheel (turn clockwise to extend stretcher in length)
    D. Black hook handle (turn clockwise to spread the stretcher out)
    E. Corn pieces (different sizes can be fitted into the holes of the toe section [A])

Step 1: Before using the Two-Way Shoe Stretcher, we strongly recommend treating the shoe with a shoe stretch spray or steam to soften the leather in the areas you intend to stretch. We advise testing any liquids being used to avoid damaging your shoes.

Step 2: The toe section (A) of the stretcher is fitted with various holes. One of the removable corn pieces (E), which differs in size, can be fitted into one of the holes where the pressure point is located. If there are several pressure points, several corn pieces (E) can be used during the stretching process.

Step 3: Before inserting the stretcher into the shoe, it is advisable to turn the large black structured wheel (C) counterclockwise so the back section (B) of the stretcher will be near the front section (A) as possible.

NOTE: Make sure the front section (A) of the FootFitter Professional 2-Way Shoe Stretcher is not spread out. If the stretcher is open, turn the black hook handle (D) counterclockwise so the front will become narrow.

Step 4: Insert the shoe stretcher carefully into the shoe. Turn the large black structured wheel (C) clockwise and the heel section (B) of the stretcher will gradually move towards the heel of your shoe. A certain resistance will soon be reached and the shoe will be stretched in length.

NOTE: Do not overstretch! Excessive stretching causes damage to the material of your shoe. Repeat the stretching process if necessary.

Step 5: Once the desired length is reached, the black hook handle (D) can be turned clockwise. The stretcher will then slowly widen the shoe. Until the stretcher and shoe feel snug, turn it about 2 – 3 more times for good measure.

NOTE:If stretcher does not initially open when turning the black hook handle (D), twist the handle clockwise and counterclockwise up to 20 times for stretcher to become fully engaged.

Step 6: The FootFitter Shoe Stretcher should remain in the shoe for at least 6 - 8 hours. To remove the FootFitter Shoe Stretcher, turn the large black structured wheel (C) counterclockwise and the black hook handle (D) counterclockwise.

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ATTENTION: Misuse of the shoe stretcher or excessive stretching of the material can cause permanent damage to the shoe. Customers bear all risks relating to performance of merchandise and damage to the shoe.

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